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Get Rid Of That Broken Down Foam: Seat Cushion Replacement

Posted by Anthony Salom on 31st Mar 2014

Tired of sinking halfway to the floor every time you sit down in your favorite chair? Its time to get your foam cushions replaced! Over time foam naturally breaks down for various reasons, and it simply just doesn't maintain that same level of comfort or firmness you were once used to. What's worse, many furniture manufacturers offer low quality foam in their new furniture that may feel extremely firm to start, only to wind up breaking down...
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Its Never Too Early For Summer: Reupholstering Your Outdoor Furniture

Posted by Anthony Salom on 17th Feb 2014

Its never too early to start thinking about summer. Thus, its never to early to start thinking about reupholstering that sunfaded and sunbeaten outdoor furniture. This year, try to incorporate brighter colors, louder patterns, and don't be afraid to coordinate multiple fabrics. Companies like Sunbrella offer a variety of different patterns and styles within the same color range, and those are intended to be coupled together. Open your mind, and d...
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